Dog Day Care In Georgia How To Find The Best Lodging For Your Pet

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Dog Day Care In Georgia How To Find The Best Lodging For Your Pet

by Ira Nelson

It is estimated that in excess of 30 million people per year in the United States have a need to find experienced, professional boarding kennel services to take care of their animals. In this article we will be exploring first, what you should look for to help you decide if the facility will care for your dog properly and safely, and secondly, how to locate boarding accommodations that provide knowledgeable dog day care in Georgia.

Today especially, with so many families? busy schedules, there is no one home during the day to care for the family pet. While cats, birds, reptiles, aquariums, and of course, some dogs do not need constant supervision, there are dogs that do better emotionally, physically, and socially when they are around loving and caring people and other animals.

You should consider the following in selecting a dog day care establishment:

* Are the personnel friendly and accommodating? Do they answer your questions knowledgeably? Do they interact calmly and in a positive manner with with your dog and their other K9 residents?

* Does the facility appear to be clean and easy to maintain? Is there adequate air flow and lighting? Is there protection and cover in the event of inclement weather for outside runs and play yards?

* What provisions are made for your dog?s stimulation and entertainment? Some facilities have individual and group play times, walks, swim time, exercise and agility yards and equipment. Some even play the radio to calm and entertain your dog.

* What are the requirements for vaccinations? Reputable day programs may require up-to-date Rabies, DHLLP, Kennel Cough, Coronavirus, Parvovirus, and Bordetella, vaccinations.

* There may be other requirements such as: your dog must be healthy, must not have fleas or ticks, has to be neutered/spayed, and must not be aggressive to people or other animals. There many be an age requirement as well.

* What special services do they provide? Some dog day care providers will administer your pet?s medications, provide transportation, veterinarian, feeding, bathing, grooming, and training services.

Now, when considering all these points in your search to find the best dog day care in Georgia and all other areas of the country, the obvious first choice is to consult your local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce.

Another highly recommended online source which offers a comprehensive service, rating dog day care providers in and around the Atlanta area including directions to the facility, pricing, and details of services provided can be accessed at:

For other areas of Georgia I recommend going to: - enter 'dog boarding' or 'dog day care' into the search box, and enter your Address, City & State, or ZIP into the location box. When you get the results, check to see if your nearby facility is a member of the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA). ABKA members adhere to the ?ABKA Code of Ethics?, and have a ?Pet Owners? Bill of Rights? which helps assure professional, informed conduct and service.

The market created by so many people looking for dog day care has resulted is many such establishments springing up in Georgia and across the country. It?s important for your dog?s well being, not to mention your peace of mind, for you to take such steps to assure your pet will receive the quality of care you expect.

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Ira Nelson has years of experience in the dog care and training field. More information, tips, and techniques like the ones in this article are available at

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