Dog Fleas The Basics and Beyond

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Dog Fleas The Basics and Beyond

by Eric Hartwell

Dog fleas, like human fleas, are parasites and are generally detrimental to the health of our pets. Dog fleas can also affect us humans and can feed off us. Removing dogs from the house, therefore, is not a healthy solution if ever one is having a major dog flea problem in the house. This would only cause the fleas to feed off us humans instead.

To understand the nature of dog fleas and their general effect on dogs, we must first have a general idea of what their nature is, how bad this problem can get, and what the appropriate medications are for such a problem.

Dog Fleas

Dog fleas, generally, are small in nature and even microscopic in some cases. They are similar to cat fleas in nature but they have different mechanisms. Dog fleas use their saliva to stop the dog from creating a defense mechanism ? blood clotting. These are the nature of dog fleas that conspicuously infest dogs, but greater dangers actually arise from a single dog flea, as a single dog flea has to it a ratio of a thousand larvae or eggs scattered within the dog?s residence.

Signs of Infestation

The signs of infestation can be grouped into two general ideas: infestation on a dog, and in worse cases, infestation within a house. These infestations are manifested usually during summer, when a stray dog lingers around the house, or when a house has not been resided in for a long time. Similar to when a man scratches his head because of fleas, dogs usually scratch the area where a flea resides. This causes inflammation within the area and usually a small round pimple-like complication.


Prevention is always better than medication, so it is best to prevent occurrences of dog flea infestations. A number of relatively easy ways can be done to prevent further aggravation of a dog flea problem. One of these is through the use of repellents. Some insecticides contain pyrethrins and permethrins that are of substantial use in repelling dog fleas. These insecticides, however, must never be sprayed directly on dogs and cats.

Another method is the use of proper sanitation. Animal on board must be subject to a flea bath, to effectively eradicate traces of fleas before they permanently reside inside our homes. Vacuuming carpets and other potential sources of dog flea eggs and larvae should also be done. Also, regular pet maintenance is required.


Sometimes, the problem has reached its worse and in these cases, medication is necessary. In such cases, two products that are highly effective are available on the market. One of these is Frontline. This is an especially good treatment because it can be used on young dogs ? even as young as 8 weeks old. This product works well, even when the dog has already been bathed and can last for as long as a month. Your dogs would not be irritated with this medication, as it is generally gentle and harmless.

Another good medication is Advantage. This, on the other hand, can be used for both cats and dogs, and has the distinct ability to kill fleas within a 12-hour period of time.

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