Dog Food Easy Ways To Make Dog Food At Home

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Dog Food Easy Ways To Make Dog Food At Home

by Angela Booth

You love your dog, so for the good of his health you?ve decided to make your own dog food. If you?re on a budget, and have a large dog, making your own dog food may be less expensive than buying commercial dog food.

You?ve got the choice of feeding your dog raw food, or of cooking it. If you cook it, you can incorporate the carbohydrate in the form of brown rice into the meals.

Your Dog?s Main Meal - Easy Dinners

Protein (meat or poultry) shouldn?t form more than 20 per cent of your dog?s diet. Your vet can give you precise proportions of protein to carbohydrate according to your dog?s size, age, and lifestyle.

Brown rice is a nutritious carbohydrate, and once they get used to it, most dogs like it. You can cook up a big pot of brown rice, with a half pound or a pound of minced steak or cooked chicken and make sufficient dog dinners for a week. Add a few carrots, and pumpkin in season. Occasionally, use oatmeal instead of brown rice.

Feeding Your Dog A Raw (Uncooked) Diet

While it?s true that no one cooks a wolf?s dinner, animals in the wild don?t live as long as domesticated animals. But if you feel that raw meat, with some added grated vegetables are best for your dog, get veterinary advice before you start giving your dog vast amounts of raw meat. This is because it?s difficult to get the protein balance right if you?re feeding raw meat.

Supplements - Does Your Dog Need Additional Vitamins And Minerals?

Whether you feed your dog commercial dog food, or homemade, supplementing his nutrition is a good idea, especially for young dogs, for older dogs, and if you?re considering breeding a litter of puppies.

It?s best to get your supplements from your vet, because he knows your dog, and knows what the dog?s special needs are.

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