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Dog Food I Dont Buy It

by Rob Miller

Dog food is a multi-billion dollar industry and these companies would all like you to believe that feeding your beloved dog their dried nuggets or soft canned food is the only way to keep your dog happy and healthy. I could not disagree more with these assertions.

In fact, I believe that processed dog food is one of the least effective ways of keeping your dog healthy. I currently own a wonderful field spaniel named Teddy and guess what? He is 14 years old and I feed him VERY little dried dog food if any at all. The last time I took Teddy to the vet to get treatment for a sore nail (about 4 years ago) the doctor who was examining him noticed what a beautiful coat he had for an old dog and asked: "What dog food do you feed him?" My answer surprised him when I replied: "I don't feed Teddy dog food... I feed him RAW natural foods!"

Think about that for a second. Do you think that your dog is getting the best diet possible by feeding him the same dried nugget formula for his entire life? I assure you he is not. The reason dog food manufacturers advertise how many vitamins they put into the dog food you buy is because if they didn't add vitamins and minerals back into their processed food, your dog would not be able to survive on these dried nuggets. It's the very same deceptive advertising you would find on a bag of enriched rice at the supermarket. Because Americans like everything to be fast... including cooking rice, the manufacturers have to add back the nutrients found in rice after it is processed because the manufacturing process that enables rice to cook in 2 minutes instead of ten literally strips almost every nutrient in the rice away. So the next time you see the word enriched on a bag of food you should realize that it was probably processed so much that it needed to be enriched in order for it to be healthy and nutritious. Have you heard of the term enriched flour? It's the same scenario.

Now - back to dog food. My super healthy and happy dog Teddy (14 years old) gets a sensible diet of REAL food. That's right. I feed him a raw food diet, but in a responsible way. Here is my secret for feeding my dog a diet he loves and also thrives on. And by the way - I don't give my dog vitamins because he is getting all the vitamins he needs from the real delicious food I feed him. AND... I never have to buy dried or canned dog food!

These are the foods that my dog has thrived on for the last 14 years and it may surprise you! RAW beef.. that's right RAW beef. Raw pork, raw chicken and organ meat such as heart and beef tripe. Raw eggs (you can even run the eggs WITH shells in the blender which are rich in calcium) but I don't feed eggs everyday. Raw vegetables: carrots, eggplants, tomatoes, beets, avocadoes and lettuce. I even feed my dog raw fish.

I stay away from feeding my dog any type of cooked sauces such as tomatoes sauce found on spaghetti. I stay away from mushrooms and onions and avoid any foods that have spices. In short, I stay away from processed foods.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and I am not a nutrionist. I am also not suggesting that YOU feed YOUR dog an all raw food diet. This article was intended to inform you of what I have fed my dog for the last 11 years. You may be very nervous to begin feeding your dog a diet of raw foods, so before you take my word for it. Search the Internet on the subject and you will find many sources that can give you more information on this topic

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