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Dog Food Contamination

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How would you feel if your family pet suddenly died? How would you feel if you knew it was the dog food contamination that killed your dog. Many people are heart broken because of the recent loss of their dogs. A recent dog food contamination outbreak has left many dogs dead and many owners upset. We treat our animals as if they are a part of our lives. We trust in the businesses that feed our pets on a daily basis and the same people feeding our dogs are now killing them too. I know that if it were my dog I would not know what to think. Can we really trust these companies to make sure that there product is of highest quality? I'm not so sure anymore since this same thing has happened before.

These companies should be held accountable for their actions. But did you know that in most states killing a persons pet isn't even a misdemeanor? That is insane! These animals are a part of our lives. We have raised them. We have trained them. They are our companions. Now I'm sure this time there will most likely be some class action law suit but it will end up just being a tiny bump in the road for these major businesses. The courts need to recognize the rights of all our family members despite their species. Dog food contamination can not be allowed or accepted. A small slap on the wrist is not going to change how these major corporations do their business. They must be stopped and we must help.

It is time to stand up to big business and say '"Hay! I'm not going to allow this!"

I have done a recent search over the internet and have found many safer dog food health systems. They are almost like weight watchers. It was kind of incredible because they had entire schedules made just for dogs. Are these the type of things that we need to do as pet owners to avoid dog food contamination? Since this type of thing has happened before it makes me think that I might want to put my dog on a program like this. Besides, my dog loves a treat and it looks to me like these food schedules have many things he would like.

As far as the dog food contamination goes, I think I'm going to try to be more careful when it comes to my dog. I'm going to try to keep better control over what he is eating so that a tragedy like this does not happen to my dog. As far as the dog food companies go, this is ridiculous. We spend our hard earned money on your food so that you can provide a quality meal for our pets. You must be more careful because these animals mean everything to us. Dog food contamination is not acceptable and I'm sure you would feel the same way if it happened to your dog.

If you feel the same way I do about this thing then do the right thing. Make sure you know what your pet is eating. Look around the internet, there is plenty of great information. Oh yeah, don't trust anyone when it comes to your families health.

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