Dog Food Labeling Better Than Human Food Industry Claims

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Dog Food Labeling Better Than Human Food Industry Claims

by M Bruno

The dog food industry announced in a recent statement that labeling on pet and dog food is actually better than labeling requirements on food for human consumption.

This would be the best news that we have heard since the beginning of the dog food recall that has claimed the lives of thousands of dogs, while an ever growing number of dogs continue to suffer from kidney failure after eating contaminated dog food.

Let?s take a look at how the pet dog food industry supports this claim.

The dog food industry has the option of including ingredients that they deem safe and nutritious in the dog food that they produce and sell.

Some of those ingredients are:

Dead, dying, diseased and downed animals. Well, this confuses me a bit. I don?t know of any regulation permitting the inclusion of these unsuitable proteins on any human food label. The fact is that these 4Ds, can not be used in human food but are used by dog food manufacturers. Ever see those listed on a dog food label?

Rendered animal tissue, such as acquired from the remains of euthanized dogs and pets from animal shelters are used in some dog food products. Hmmm, I never saw any of that on an approved for human consumption food label.

Dog food labels often have statements that claim the dog food is complete, balanced and safe. This would be almost an impossible claim to have approved by the FDA for food destined for human consumption. But dog food manufacturers make this claim as almost as a matter of course. Just check their label.

The dog food industry is fond of pointing to the oversight of the industry by AAFCO the, Association Of American Feed Control Officials. AAFCO has no real regulatory authority and the testing of dog food is little more than a joke.

Here?s a synopsis of AAFCO testing requirements

? Eight dogs more than a year old must participate

? The dogs must be of normal health and weight

? Blood tests are taken at the inception and conclusion of the test

? No dog (of the eight participants) die or are taken off the dog food because of nutritional problems.

Results of a Successful Dog Food Tests

? At least six of the original eight dogs that began the test must complete it.

? During the test, none of the dogs used are to die or be removed because of nutritional causes.

? Six of the eight dogs starting must finish the test.

AAFCO, with no real authority conducts a test on all of eight dogs. If none die or are excluded and a very basic blood test is passed, that dog food gets the green light.

Are you willing to risk your dog?s life on the claims made by the dog food industry? Do you think that a test which will determine the safety and nutrient values of your dog food is adequate when the test involves only eight dogs?

Do you believe that the FDA should be more directly involved or is the oversight of a group such as AAFCO sufficient to assure the health and safety of your dog?

What is happening in the dog food recall is the product of the claims and performance of the dog food industry, AAFCO, and their marketing and business efforts.

Before chancing our dog?s life to the claims of dog food manufacturers that their labeling requirements are safe, that their dog food is safe, and that their industry is regulated, become an informed consumer. Spend some time and learn what your dog food label really says at

Dog food companies claim that the products they manufacturer are safe.

Sadly, the recent dog food recall and recalls prior to this one suggest otherwise. The dog food industry has in many cases been untruthful in their sales pitch, unsavory in their ethics and have produced a product that in many instances belong in a landfill, not eaten by your dog. A few good apples exist in the commercial dog food world. Make absolutely sure that your dog food comes from one of the good guys or consider making your own dog food at home

By doing so you can make sure that the food you give your dog is truly healthy and not a potential death sentence.

Do you buy your dog food at a supermarket? Pet superstore? Online? Is it healthy and safe? Find out what?s the dog food you feed your pooch at This article may be reproduced with the author's link

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