Dog Food Ratings to Help You Find the Healthiest Meal for Your Dog

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Dog Food Ratings to Help You Find the Healthiest Meal for Your Dog

by Brigitte Smith

A dog?s diet should include a mixture of fresh, wholesome ingredients. To get the full effect and maintain your dog?s health, many reviews and dog food ratings show that although fresh food is undoubtedly best, ultra premium packaged dog food may be the way to go. Your dog will get fewer fillers, preservatives and grains from ultra premium dog foods. The dog food brand that you choose can have a huge importance to how healthy your dog remains over its lifespan.

After looking at a number of dog food ratings, the consensus is that Honest Kitchen dog food may be the best on the market. Honest Kitchen uses human-grade ingredients, which will appeal more to your dog while supplying better nutrition. The ingredients list includes chicken, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, apples, kelp, zucchini, green beans, yoghurt, basil, garlic, and more.

Another recommended dog food that is listed toward the top of many dog food ratings is Sojos. As with Honest Kitchen, Sojos contains no animal by-products, and in fact contains no meat products at all. With Sojos, you get all the wholesome ingredients minus the meat, and you add your own fresh meat.

By-products are the other parts to animals that are left over and not used by humans for food. If you can, try to stay away from by-products within your dog?s food to maintain their health. However, many dog food brands do put by-products in their food.

While Honest Kitchen dog food and Sojos dog food are among the top dog food brands, they can seem expensive. But things are not always as they seem! Because these premium dog foods contain quality ingredients and no fillers, you need less. So there is very little difference in price per serve between these vastly superior quality dog foods and their rubbishy commercial counterparts. And what little difference there is ? isn?t your dog worth just a little extra to keep him/her ultra healthy? And your dog will live longer, too.

When you begin shopping for your dog food, remember that a combination of wet and dry food is best for most dogs. There are a vast variety of dog food brands to confuse the common shopper, but if you?re willing to spend just a little more money, dog food ratings show that Honest Kitchen dog food is the best.

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