Dog Food Recall Expands as Manufacturers Delay Testing

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Dog Food Recall Expands as Manufacturers Delay Testing

by M Bruno

The recent dog food recall has claimed the health and lives of thousands of dogs due to renal failure caused by eating melamine contaminated dog food. Reeling from media attention worldwide, one would hope that the dog food industry got the message and pulled all suspect products from the market. Not so.

Reports continue of additional dog food products being recalled after discovery of tainting. The sad reality is that long after the initial onslaught of media attention alerted dog guardians to the more than 100 brands of dog food being recalled by Menu Foods, some dog food companies continue to drag their corporate feet and have failed to identify and recall contaminated dog food.

In the latest news dogs hospitalized for kidney shutdown prompted a California veterinarian to test Nutra Nuggets dog food bought at Costco. The lab results were positive for melamine.

Now the lives of dogs who ate this dog food brand hangs in the balance.

What is frightening to anyone who owns and loves their dogs is that Nutra Nuggets is not on any current recall list.

The dog food manufacturer had not performed any tests on it?s products and seems to have relied on the keep your fingers crossed approach while peddling their dog food to unsuspecting families.

After reports of melamine poisoning impacting countless dog food bands, cross contamination, kidney failure and death, one would hope that minimal prudence would have compelled the company to provide minimal assurances of safety for this contaminant by testing their products.

While anxious dog owners await action by the dog food company and the FDA, dogs lie sick in a veterinary hospital.

When will this end?

Frankly, I am not confident that it will anytime soon. The dog food industry has sold untenable landfill waste disguised as healthy and nutritious dog food for decades. Testing and enforcement requirements are a sham. The FDA is under funded, overworked, and the industry has run rings around dog nutritionists and veterinarians that have questioned their claims of quality and safety, until now.

The ingredient list in many dog food brands shows melamine as the tip of a poison dog food iceberg.

No dog food brand that is not at a minimum organic, holistic, or human grade should even be considered for your dogs diet.

Read the labels carefully before feeding any dog food brand to your dog. Make sure it does not contain any by products, fillers, preservatives and chemicals. Many do and disguise the actual ingredient list with palatable sounding names.

Consider feeding you dog home, made dog food. It?s one way to guarantee that you are in control of what tour dog is eating.

My small 8 year old dog suddenly became ill and no vet could determine the cause. She died after enduring 2 weeks of pain and misery on Mother?s Day morning. Don?t let anything happen to your best friend. Find out what is in the dog food you use at This article may be reproduced unedited with the author's link displayed

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