Dog Food Recall Spurs Low Priced Brands

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Dog Food Recall Spurs Low Priced Brands

by M Bruno

Ever since the massive recall of dog food revealed the sinister secret of dog food manufacturers, consumers have scurried from low priced dog food brands to more costly alternatives in an earnest attempt to save their dogs from poisoning. Now, some have returned to buying lower priced brands.

The problem began with the discovery of wheat gluten apparently tainted by aminopterin, a rat poison.

Later tests revealed that melamine, a chemical used in the production of plastic spoons and products was the culprit. Some studies are suggesting that melamine may actually have been added to the dog food on purpose in order to spike the protein levels of the dog food.

Bombarded with news reports of kidney failure and death in dogs who had consumed the poison dog food, consumers abandoned their traditional supermarket brands of dog food and opted for more pricey alternatives touted as ?all natural?, ??completely balanced? and other acronyms suggesting a healthy and safe diet for dogs.

The problem is that some of these pricier, supposedly safe dog foods have fallen to the recall gavel as laboratory results reveal the existence of melamine in their dog food products as well.

This, another disaster in waiting, hit the news wires as rice protein concentrate was discovered in previously unaffected brands, spiking further concern among dog owners.

The Sinister Secret in Dog Food

Digging into the latest contamination problem reveals a sinister and previously secret connection between pricey dog food and the lower priced brands initially suspect as the purveyor of poison dog food.

That correlation is the common source manufacturing of many dog food brands, both low priced and higher priced as well.

With a common manufacturing facility being used to make and package the dog food of different companies it is not difficult to believe that cross contamination could occur.

So frustrated dog owners, reeling from brand to brand are once again looking to lower priced brands that may be safe. Sadly, this is not the answer but, ? Who can we believe?? many are asking on checkout lines nationwide.

The answer in our estimation is this. Believe yourself. As a dog guardian you must be suspicious of any dog food manufacturer?s claims at this juncture. So do your own research. Our rules for determining if dog foods is safe are below,

5 Ways to Determine if your Dog Food is Safe

? Check the list of recalled dog food brands to make sure your dog food is not being recalled. In a recent news account, the head of the Center for Veterinary Medicine, CVM, of the FDA, Dr Steven Sundlof noted that some dog food retailers still have dog food subject to recall on store shelves.

? Read the label on any dog food product you buy. It?s critical that you learn how to decipher the gibberish that dog food companies use with little regulation to convince you that their ingredients are safe. The FDA can show you how to read your dog food label at

? Check the bag or label to make sure they product is not expired or stamped with a date that is affected by the recall.

? Learn what dog food companies put in your dog food by visiting at

? If you have any question affecting your dog?s health and the safety of any dog food contact your veterinarian before making any decision.

My small 8 year old dog suddenly became ill and no vet could determine the cause. She died after 2 weeks of suffering on Mother?s Day morning. Don?t let anything happen to your best friend. Consider making your own healthy and safe homemade dog food. You can learn more at

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