Dog Food Recall Spurs New Federal Law

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Dog Food Recall Spurs New Federal Law

by M Bruno

Newly proposed legislation would give the FDA power to order a dog food recall for tainted products with the important step of mandating an early system for notification accompanied by fines for lack of compliance.

This important step may grant the FDA, powers previously non existent, to regulate the dangers inherent in potentially tainted dog food.

The new proposed federal law would grant the FDA power to:

? Demand an immediate dog food recall for contaminated dog food. Presently the FDA has to wait for dog food companies to recall tainted dog food voluntarily and remove these products from store shelves.

? Initiate an early system for notification when tainting occurs in dog food products that are currently on the market. The system would be enhanced by the FDA working with veterinarians and other organizations to collect data and reports of problems as soon as they become evident to the marketplace and without waiting for dog food manufacturers to make this information known. The current dog food crisis spread it?s poisonous tentacles for several weeks before dog food manufacturers confirmed existence of a problem. This delay endangered the health of thousands of dogs worldwide.

? Implement federal requirements for the labeling of dog food. At the present time, there are very lax or virtually unenforceable dog food labeling requirements. For more information on dog food labeling see,-industry-claims.html

? Enhance the power of the FDA to regulate the importation of food. The current dog food recall revealed the lax reporting and almost non existent regulation of imported proteins and other ingredients from suppliers in China which caused the poisoning, kidney failure and death in dogs.

Currently the FDA inspects less that 1.5% of all food imports. A new certification program would require companies that export to the United States to have safety standards and would permit the FDA to inspect their plants. Companies not in compliance could have their certifications revoked and their products would be ineligible for shipment to the United Sates for use in dog food or for human consumption.

? Have access to corporate records for use during investigations of potentially contaminated dog food

The current state of affairs in the dog food industry is an indication of a problem that has been widespread for decades. Taking advantage of lax regulation, inadequate labeling requirements and a powerful marketing effort, dog food companies have peddled unhealthy garbage to unsuspecting dog guardians since the industry?s inception in post war America.

That the horrific death of our dogs due to kidney failure caused by poison dog food has forced this issue to the front page of news organizations worldwide is no surprise to many dog nutritionists and professionals worldwide.

The unsavory ingredients touted as a safe healthy and natural diet for our dogs is sadly, frequently nothing more than industrial and slaughterhouse waste.

Whether this new proposed legislation is passed remains to be seen. If it is, it will be just the first step in forcing dog food companies to manufacture food that truly is healthy and not a danger to the health and longevity of our dogs.

Until that day comes, one of the best ways to assure that your dog is eating a healthy and nutritious diet is to prepare a home made dog food diet. It?s easy and your dog?s health, and your purse will both be thankful. To learn more about the necessity of feeding your dog a healthy and natural diet visit:

We used to feed our dogs commercial dog food that was promised to be healthy and safe, Then our small 8 year old dog died of a sudden illness. We learned what was in her dog food that could be dangerous and we immediately stopped feeding it to our best friends. Find out what?s in your dog food at This article may be reproduced unedited with the author's link displayed.

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