Dog Food Recall Widens 8000 Complaints Filed

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Dog Food Recall Widens 8000 Complaints Filed

by M Bruno

As the nationwide recall of contaminated dog food widens, the Nestle Purina Pet Care Company has now recalled some of its dog food upon discovery that it is tainted with ingredients that have contributed to the kidney failure and death of dogs.

The contaminated ingredient is wheat gluten from China. This wheat gluten is from the same supplier that delivered wheat gluten to Menu Foods who earlier recalled more than 95 brands of dog food sold as private label dog food and as major brands through large dog food retailers.

Some reports have indicated that it is tainted with a rat poison and additional laboratory tests have revealed the existence of melamine. Melamine is used in the in the manufacture of plastic products such as plastic spoons. Melamine is also used in the manufacture of fertilizer.

With this now widening dog food recall, Purina has recalled Alpo Prime Cuts and Gravy wet food. Earlier, Purina recalled some Mighty Dog pouch products .

An added concern is a dog food recommended by many dog veterinarians, the Hill?s Science Diet brand, manufactured by Colgate Palmolive. Hills Prescription diet feline has been added to the recall

While this recall affects feline food at this time, we would suggest that all precautions be taken and to stop feeding any Hills Science Diet dog food as well until assured that the dog food recall will not be extended to this portion of the line as well. Err on the side of caution.

For many years, dog enthusiasts have questioned the nutrition value and safety of Hill?s Science Diet because of certain preservative and additives that dog nutrition experts have deemed to be unsafe.

To date more than 8,000 complaints have been received with regard to dog kidney failure and death since the inception of the dog food recall.

If you feed your dog Purina Alpo Prime Cuts and Gravy or Hill?s Prescription Diet dry food you should immediately stop and contact your veterinarian.

We used to feed our dogs Hill?s Science Diet Dog Food. Once we learned what was in this dog food that could be dangerous we immediately stopped, and are ever glad we did. Learn what is in the dog food you feed your dogs at This article may be reproduced unedited with the author's link displayed

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