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Dog Food Secrets Ingredients

by Travis Liu

Have you ever thought about dog food ingredients and this whole ?by-product? business is all about?

By-products are defined as animal parts that are not fit for human consumption such as bones, organs, intestines, blood and fatty tissues. Someone got the ideas of processing all the left over and called it ?Dog Food?.

Meat by-products are not meat. They include any part of the animal other than meat. Because any mammal can be used, cheaper meat like horse, pig, or goat are often included.

The same goes for ?poultry by-products? or ?chicken by-products? because the origin of the meat could be from turkeys, ducks, geese, buzzards, etc, instead of a single source like poultry or chicken.

Commercial brand dog foods do not have the same FDA labeling requirement as commercial food for human consumption. Additionally, some states also enforce their own labeling regulations, many adopting model pet food regulations established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Still, the information provided tends to be vague and often outright misleading.

Perhaps you are thinking paying more for top premium brand would be a safer choice but what you are paying for is not what you think contained in these brands because there is no legal requirement.

Better choice is to learn to decipher dog food ingredients and learn to discover the key ingredients that are most suitable for your dog instead of misleading information out there.

You are what you eat and the same is true for your dog. For the health of your dog learn the skills to discover the key ingredients requirement for dog food, is something every caring dog owner should know about.

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