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Dog Food Secrets Review

by M Bruno

Growing up in a family comprised of a science professor, multiple registered nurses, and a surgeon, nutrition and health were always common topics at the dinner table.

As a lifelong dog owner interested in dog health and longevity I was curious to find out what Andrew Lewis had to say about the state of commercial dog food. I have spent a good deal of time and research on dog nutrition in the quest for the ultimate objective- keeping my dogs healthy and maximizing their longevity.

My independent research revealed that dogs are frequently classified as geriatric at the ripe young age of 5 years old. Why? Well the number 1 reason is diet. Dogs have nutritional needs that are frequently ignored or simply unfulfilled by otherwise well meaning dog owners who feed their dogs every day commercial dog food.

Veterinarians and dog nutritionists tell us that many commercial dog foods have inadequate proteins, fats vitamins and minerals. Not only that these commercial dog food products are loaded with slaughterhouse waste, toxic materials, junk fillers, heavy metals , pesticides, herbicides, additives , preservatives and more worthless and potentially harmful "ingredients."

That is not to say that all commercial dog food is bad. But, a lot of it is simply unhealthy and a hazard to your dog's health and longevity.

With this perspective I read Dog Food Secrets to see if Andrew Lewis would shed any light on this murky mess. As an ardent dog lover I was floored by what I read.

The state of the commercial dog food world is worse than I had imagined. Andrew gives an incredibly detailed look at just what is in dog food and tells you how to decipher what's in your dog food. He goes on to explain what your dog needs in her food to support a long and healthy life.

In fact, Andrew reveals that your dog's life is being drastically reduced daily if your are feeding commercial dog food. You are, in reality, killing your dog with some of the "ingredients" commonly found in many commercial dog food brands.

I made fast and furious notes as I read Dog Food Secrets and learned a great deal about healthy alternatives. This was spell binding as I now had a true path to doubling my dogs life expectancy .

With the recent dog food recall by Menu Foods, Purina and Hills Science Diet that have caused approximately 100 brands to be pulled from store shelves, this information is a must have. To date there have been 8000 reported cases of problems from contaminated commercial food that we are feeding our dogs daily. Dogs are suffering from kidney and renal failure as the result of eating commercial dog food tainted with rat poison, and a chemical that is used in the making of plastics and fertilizer as I write this.

Not only that, I learned that dogs are being slowly euthanized every day they eat many commercial dog food brands, and why. Andrew tells us how to put a stop to this slow killing of man?s best friend. If you love your dog, you have to read Dog Food Secrets, print it out and keep it handy every time you go near a dog food aisle in a store.

I will continue to report on dog food that is killing your dog as well as the handful of healthy dog food brands. The sad fact is that the healthy are but a few and the majority are unhealthy and potentially fatal to your dog. No wonder dogs are considered geriatric at 5 years old. Unwittingly, we are depriving them of their nutritional requirements and poisoning our dogs every time we fill their bowl.

To give your dog her best chance at a healthy and long life, up to 27 years or more, read Dog Food Secrets. You'll be glad you did. I know I am.

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