Dog Food Will Homemade Dog Food Harm Your Dog

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Dog Food Will Homemade Dog Food Harm Your Dog

by Angela Booth

Beware of homemade dog food - it can kill, as my friend Larry discovered. No, I'm not trying to scare you, just make you aware of the potential dangers.

After all, if you love your dog, you may be considering cooking him homemade dog food, because you control the ingredients, and it's healthier. However, unless you're careful, your homemade treats could be dangerous for the health of your dog.

A Bouncing Energetic Labrador One Moment, The Next An Old Dog

A few weeks ago my friend Larry's three-year-old Labrador Jock was showing all the symptoms of old age. He couldn't get up, and when he did, he tottered. Larry rushed him to the vet, who initially suspected that Jock had been poisoned.

The vet questioned Larry about Jock's diet.

Larry proudly explained that he'd never fed Jock any commercial dog food, he was determined that his canine pal would have the very best. "I buy all his meat from the supermarket myself - he eats better than the rest of our family do," he told the vet.

"And?" The vet asked.

He couldn't believe it when Larry told him that that was the extent of Jock's diet, meat, which Larry minced himself, and cooked slightly.

What's In Your Homemade Dog Food?

The major benefit of feeding a dog commercial dog food is that the food is nutritionally balanced for dogs. Dogs need a variety of vitamins and minerals in addition to their need for protein (meat) and fat. Dog food companies spend millions on research, and as a result most of today's pets live into very ripe old age.

Jock stayed at the vet's for almost a week, while Larry visited him daily. Larry was horrified that he'd almost killed his dog. Jock's protein-only diet had leeched the calcium out of Jock's bones, making them weak and brittle.

When he took Jock home, he had a nutritionally sound diet printed out for him, with lots of extra supplements. A year later, Jock is back to his bouncing, happy self.

In conclusion, if you're thinking of cooking homemade dog food, be careful. Ask your vet for a diet for your particular dog. All dogs vary in their requirements, according to their breed, their age, and their exercise or lack of it.

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