Dog For Sale What To Look For In Your New Best Friend

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Dog For Sale What To Look For In Your New Best Friend

by Donald Lawson

Are you considering purchasing a new puppy or dog for yourself or your Family? A person today has many sources for choosing their new best friend. Before running out to the nearest Pet store to find Fido, here are some things you should consider.

  • Don?t assume you have to get you new dog or puppy from a Pet store. Dog rescues and dog shelters can be an excellent source for a new friend. Generally dogs from rescues or shelters are very well taken care of.
  • If you want a pedigreed or ?full-blooded? dog, you?re only option is a breeder who specializes in the breed of dog you?re looking for. Many dogs of the same breed can have different character traits. Select the breeder who breeds dogs that have the character traits you are looking for.
  • Personally, if I were going to buy from a Pet shop, I?d research them very carefully. Some pet shops get their dogs from ?dog farms? or ?puppy factories?. This is not a place to get your new best friend from!

Okay, now that you?ve decided which breed you want, how do you decide where to get a dog or puppy? Here are some quick and fast tips for choosing a Seller.

  • Avoid a store, rescue, shelter or breeder who has a dirty and smelly location. The place you buy your dog or puppy from should be very clean.
  • Look at how the animals are treated. Are they clean and happy? Are they able to run and play or are they locked in a cage everyday?
  • If possible, try to get references. A fly-by-night Pet store is no place to find your next pet!
  • You should have you?re new friend checked over by a Vet if at all possible before purchasing it. If the Seller will not let you leave with the dog (and most won?t) then it?s reasonable to ask for, and receive, a money back guarantee. If you?re ordering your dog from a distance and it has to be shipped, make sure the guarantee includes your shipping cost returned if the dog fails to pass a physical from your vet.

Choosing your new best friend is not difficult and is enjoyable if done properly. Just remember to take your time and not to rush into any deal. Use your head and not your heart when searching for a new dog or puppy. There?ll be time for your heart later!

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