Dog Frisbee Thrower Machine

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Dog Frisbee Thrower Machine

by Lance Winslow

Dogs love to play fetch the ball, stick or Frisbee and yet this is not so easy for us to spend the time to do this. Sure it makes sense to throw a ball or Frisbee a few times to exercise our pets, but then it gets kind of boring for us humans and the dog still wants to play.

So, therefore I propose a new type of machine to be invented; A Dog Frisbee Thrower Machine. First you set the dial as to the distance you wish it to fling the Frisbee out and the angle width for instance 30 degree range to miss the house and the shrubs. Next you put say; Here is the Frisbee, see it. Then you drop it in the machine and away it goes.

Next the trusty dog brings it back and your take it and put it into the machine, see ya! The dog runs after it and quickly retrieves it, next you make the dog put the Frisbee in the machine. Good bye goes the Frisbee and the dog comes back and again you signal the dog to put it into the machine for you, again same thing.

Next you read a good book and keep telling the dog to stick it into the machine, eventually the dog can do this on its own and the Dog Frisbee Thrower Machine is now the worlds greatest gift you ever bought for said doggy!

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