Dog House Material How To Choose the Right One For Fido

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Dog House Material How To Choose the Right One For Fido

by Moses Wright

Can a bamboo shack survive a winter storm in the middle of Antarctica? Can you dog live in an igloo in the heart of Sahara Desert? You see, it is equally important to match the climate to what material you want the dog house to be used to build a suitable dog habitat.

Even though the examples we gave above are a little bit extreme, many regions have extreme weather for at least part of the year or have a prolonged season of one particular weather condition. That being the case, the most prevalent weather condition should be the deciding factor for choosing the material for a dog house. An excellent estimation of appropriate building materials for your dog's house is determined by looking at your home and the other structures in your area. If your dog's house is made of wood and is heavily insulated, chances are the dog's house should be too.

Wood Dog House: Wood is the most preferred material for dog houses. It is inexpensive and easy to work with. When it is pressure treated to prevent rotting in areas with high moisture, wood is also rather durable. In addition, wood allows great flexibility in design because it is easily cut and shaped. Wooden dog houses are suitable for most area. In areas with high humidity, a cedar dog house may provide the most suitable wooden habitat for your dog.

Plastic Dog House: Plastic dog houses are well known for their lightweight and flexibility for design advantages. They can be easy to move and are easy to clean because it is water-proof. Plastic dog houses also have the advantage of remaining parasite free, even in the American Deep South and in other insect-prone areas. There is one disadvantage though, as these dog houses are not as durable as those made of wood or metal, and can be easily damaged by dogs that chew.

Metal Dog House: No one would really consider building dog houses using only metal, since they are prone to being too hot or too cold depending on the weather situation. It is not uncommon, however, for a dog house to have a metal roof. On the rare occasions that metal is used to build a dog house, the result is a durable and relatively easy to clean construction.

A dog house can be made of almost any material. The best dog house is the house that takes your dog's comfort, as well as the climate, into consideration. Within these strictures, only your creativity--and your wallet--determines the ideal construction material for you.

Moses Wright is the webmaster of Dog Habitat Home. More useful guide on Dog House and Dog Door can be found online at his website. You are welcome to reprint this article if the content and live links are keep intact.

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