Dog House Training An Easy Method For House Training Your Dog

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Dog House Training An Easy Method For House Training Your Dog

by Amy Howells

When it comes to house training your dog, it can be a very difficult and tiresome situation if you don?t know how to do it properly.

It?s also one of the most important dog training lessons a dog must learn, so it?s important for you to understand how to house train your dog correctly.

With this in mind, I?m going to give you a few pointers on how to house train your dog.

The first thing you need to do when house training your dog is to anticipate when he needs to relieve himself. It?s actually quite easy to identify when your dog is going to relief himself by observing his body language. The most common thing for a dog to do is put his nose to the ground and start sniffing.

When you see this happening, it?s important for you to take him to some place where he is allowed to relief himself. Your dog will soon learn where you take him every time he needs to go, and will start to go there himself.

But you also need to be aware of the other times when he may relief himself, such as when he wakes up in the morning or shortly after eating or playing. Keep an eye on him during these times to see when he is likely to relief himself.

The next step to implement is to use phrases like ?hurry up? or ?be quick? while your dog is relieving himself. When he?s finished, you should praise him. This will eventually teach him that he is allowed to relief himself when you say ?hurry up? or ?be quick?.

As with all dog training, it will take a little time and persistence to see results. So don?t give up at the first hurdle if it doesn?t work straight away.

One last thing you should know is your dog won?t relief himself in his own bedding. So if you have already crate trained your dog, and leave him in there for awhile, he will need to be let out to relief himself.

Amy Howells is the owner of the Dog Owner Blog, where she gives people free advice and lessons on how to train your dog. For more information on dog house training and many other dog training topics, be sure to visit her blog right now.

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