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Dog Houses

by Eric Hartwell

A dog house is essentially a small shed which is built into a shape of a little house with a triangular roof. It is the shelter to which the dog runs into for safety from either the natural elements or when he feels he is at risk. Dog houses are made primarily with wood which are treated to keep parasite infestation at bay. But did you know that dog houses have their own history, too?

The History of Dog Houses:

Dogs have always been popular companions of men even during the years 4500 BC. Egyptians are just one of the known people who domesticated dogs and built them their own homes. Dogs enjoy an esteemed position as pets and hunting partners even during that time. Others were considered messenger of the gods. Egyptians used to build kennels made of mud and brick for the dogs. These kennels are the first recorded dog houses in history.

Materials Used in Building Dog Houses:

Wood is the prevalent material used for building dog houses over the years. Wood is readily available, is low costing, has great insulating capabilities and has good structural reliability. Plastic dog houses became available during the 1960?s. These plastic dog houses are portable and can be transferred from one place in the house to another. Designs also range from the simple replica of a small house to extravagant castle designs. This really is a far cry from the first mud and brick kennels of before!

Whatever the materials used to make the house, the function is the same - to keep the dog warm and sheltered away from the elements. It is important that the dog does not overheat and you should provide water and food for him as appropriate.

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