Dog Jewelry Good And Bad

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Dog Jewelry Good And Bad

by Eric Hartwell

Humans love adorning themselves with fanciful jewelry. They trot around with their ?bling-bling? items and know that every eye is on them. This may be the reason why dogs mimic their masters and are now enjoying the same ?bling-bling? items on their bodies. It seems that dogs are now following the trend of wearing jewelry.

The Wonder of Jewelry:

Wearing jewelry is a way of adorning yourself with fanciful and elegant materials to add to your beauty. You pamper yourself with these precious things and feel like you?re on top of the world of class and excitement. Jewelry certainly highlights any part of your body. Your neck looks radiant with that precious metal or stone and your wrist shines as your jewelry catches the light when you move your arms about. A ring would look dazzling on your hand and an earring will surely complement your complexion and your clothes. Any way you look at it, jewelry emphasizes beauty and grace in every individual.

Jewelry for Your Dogs:

Dog jewelry adds a certain appeal to the appearance of the dog. Your pet will surely love you if you decide to decorate him with one. Jewelry adds a certain flashy yet classic look. It is no wonder then that dogs love to grace around with jewelry on them, too. Dog jewelry comes in a variety of items to choose from. There are bracelets, earrings, totems, collars, charms and barrettes. They are made from gold, sterling silver, white gold and even platinum. Some designers even add precious stones like ruby and rhinestones. Some are made out of crystals for that added pizzazz and classic beauty. Still, some jewelry is shaped into hearts, flowers, puppy paws, bones and even a cross. Some designers even personalize jewelries for your dog!

The Dangers:

Dog jewelry is not all glitter and glamour, though. Since dogs lack the certain responsibility and presence of mind we humans have, they have a tendency of losing the precious things attached to them. Your dog do not really know how much is the cost of his precious jewelry and is totally unaware of the fact that he is wearing an expensive piece of adornment. Make sure that your dog?s jewelry is secured and is attached firmly before you take him out of the house. Remember also that you are responsible for the jewelry and not your dog, so you have to keep an eye on it yourself!

Dogs also have a tendency of taking anything they see into their mouths. They might not distinguish the difference between a fine piece of expensive jewelry and a tasty morsel and might very well try to eat them! When buying jewelry for your dog that has a propensity being overly curious, make sure that you buy pieces which can be worn away from areas which his mouth has easy access on.

They say that diamonds are the girl?s best friend. The same applies to dogs, although dog jewelries need not be too fanciful with diamonds on it! Dog jewelries are probably the best gifts to pamper your pooches with, provided that you have enough money for it.

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