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Dog Jewelry

by Eric Hartwell

These days, accessorizing is everything. Experts nowadays say that there is no such thing as a simple outfit as long as you know how to mix it up with the proper amount and combination of accessories. Even trends and styles in accessorizing from past generations have been reinvented and set as the trend today once again. But are you aware that not only humans are struggling to keep abreast of the trends of modern times? Pet dogs are now given the special attention, more special that one could ever imagine. Baths, grooming salons and pet foods are no longer the only basics and luxuries a pet dog could possibly experience and have nowadays. From simple tags similar in appearance to the belts we use to intricately-designed and jewelry-embellished tags, identifying your pet dogs is now easier and more enjoyable.

Dog Tag Jewelry and Styles

Similar to the vast choices of jewelries available to both men and women, varieties and innovations in dog tags are slowly increasing in number as well. Dog tag jewelries may be costly, but more and more pet dog owners seem to get hooked on the latest trends in the world of pet care. Dog tag jewelries could be as simple as pearl necklaces to styles as extravagant as those embedded with precious stones and other high-valued metals like silver.

Customization is also available to all pet dog owners. With customization, owners are free to choose and create the dog tag jewelry of their dreams that best suits and complement their cherished pets. Owners could opt to having charm bracelet design-inspired styles or simple stylish sterling silver necklaces.

It gets more interesting. Designs, styles and materials could be used interchangeably in accordance with the owners? desires. Dog tag jewelries could also bring out both personalities of the owner and the pet dog wearing them. The owner?s own style and design could be easily incorporated in these dog tags. Flags, logos, symbols, letters, and personal memorabilia are common in dog tag designs. Furthermore, dog tag jewelries could really make a statement with trappings such as gold, silver, Swarovsky crystals, diamonds, rhinestones, and gemstones. It gets even more personal and remarkable in each dog tag with designs that make use of birthstones.

Benefits of Dog Tag Jewelries

For obvious reasons, dog tag jewelry especially those made with precious metals and stones add a nice touch to any dog tag. Dogs are special, and they also deserve only the best.

Like any ordinary dog tag, this also contains the name and address of the owner of the dog and the dog?s name. In case the dog gets lost, it is easier for the finder to contact the owner.

Dog tag jewelries also contain vaccination information the dog has had. It should also include the date of its last vaccination and must also include information like allergic reactions a dog has had to a particular medication. With this, it is easier for the veterinarian to treat the dog.

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