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Dog Law

by William Berg

There are certain responsibilities associated with owning a dog. Some of them are legal while others are merely customs. All dog owners should make sure that they know the responsibilities associated with owning a dog in their area. Knowing the customs and legal responsibilities of a dog owner in your area will not just make you a better dog owner but also help you avoid legal nightmares and lawsuits. This article will focus on the legal aspects of owning a dog.

There is no universal dog law. The laws vary from country to country, from state to state, from city to city and sometimes even from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. It is therefore important that you check the local law in the area where you live. Taking advice from a friend living a few miles away can be a big mistake as the rules can vary between his location and yours. It is also very important that you make sure to check dog rules in other areas before travelling with your dog as you can not assume that the same rules will apply in other areas. This in not only true if your travel abroad but also if you travel within your own country.

If you already are in need of legal assistance in regards to your dog or something your dog has done we strongly recommend that you contact a lawyer that is specialized in dog law in your area. There are a long row of different situations when it can be good to contact a dog lawyers such as:

- A dog attacked you.
- A dog attacked a member of your family.
- Someone claims that your dog is barking too much.
- Someone claims that your dog attacked them.
- Someone injured your dog and is claiming self defence.
- Someone claims that your dog breed is not allowed in your neighbourhood.
- Your neighbour?s dog escapes from his yard and damages your garden.
- Your neighbour?s dog barks all day and cause a nuisance.
- Someone allow their dogs to roam free in your area.
- You want a dog owner to keep a muzzle on his dogs.

In situations like these calling the police or animal control might not be enough and a dog lawyer might be able to reach the result you want faster and when other methods fail.

In situations like these there is a risk that you as a dog owner can be held responsible for your dogs' actions and be forced to pay large sums in compensation. Conversely, if you are the victim of a dog attack you might be entitled to compensation from the dog owner or his insurance company if the owner has a dog insurance that covers situations like these. This is one of the reasons as to why it as a dog owner always is good to have more than a health insurance for your dog. A full insurance can be more than worth its cost if a situation like this arises.

Dog law is a very complex matter due to its local nature and it is therefore very hard to give any general advice to dog owners besides to research local laws and contact a dog lawyer if any problem arises.

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