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Dog Leashes and Collars

by Eric Hartwell

For most people, owning a dog is actually like having children. It is not enough that you love your pet; you have to think about its dietary needs, physical well being, grooming, etc. Most people also carefully deliberate on the kind of collar they want to buy for their beloved pets. Collars and leashes were made so that owners could train their dogs to behave; their use is not limited to going around the block to chase some stray cat or the postman.

Buckle Collars

Your basic collar is a wrap around neck band with a connector for a dog leash. The buckle collars are usually made of either nylon or leather. These buckle collars close with a buckle, thus their name. A buckle collar is nice, simple yet elegant. These are easy to clean and they are very functional. For these reasons, they are the most commonly preferred type of dog collar.

Flea Collars

Fleas make short work of your dog?s health. Even if your dog eats 4 times a day or more, fleas multiply at a very rapid rate so that your dog becomes a live feed source for more fleas than your dog can handle.

Flea collars are laced with flea-repellent chemicals. The main purpose of such a collar is not leash, tag or collar charm anchorage but to control flea spread and infestation. Typically, the layers of the collar is soaked in or treated with the anti-flea solution to protect both the dog and the owner. Flea collars, however, are considered by most owners as more of a supplementary item rather than a necessity.

Elizabethan Collar

The Elizabethan collar was developed to prevent dogs (and cats too) from scratching their wounds which could be located in the neck and or head area. This type of collar reduces the risk of additional infection.

Slip Chain

Next we come to the Slip chain (Choke chain) which is a type of collar mainly used for training. This collar is usually made of nylon or a link chain. Its main distinguishing feature is the sloop rings attached at both ends of the collar. The leash (usually made with chain or nylon) is slipped through these rings. With proper pressure and leash manipulation, the slip chain collar will tighten. Letting go of the tension on the chain will loosen the loop around the dog?s neck.

This type of collar is best for owners who notice that their dogs are beginning to be hard headed and sometimes a simple whistle or a command is no good.


Now we come to the Muzzles, which are restraining devices that can be placed over a dog's face to prevent it from biting. Muzzles are usually used when a dog has developed rabies or when the pup is teething. They are usually made of nylon, leather or plastic. They have an open area which allows the dog to breathe freely and comfortably. Take note however that some muzzles can be ineffective when its size or length is not a perfect fit to your dog. Velcro type muzzles are most effective because of their ease of use.

Leashes and collars are not just good for training discipline and keeping your dogs safe from harm. They can also be a great asset to blind people. Dogs that are trained to lead blind men have the trolley leash which help guide the blind person wherever he/she wants to go.

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