Dog Life JacketsDont Let Your Dog Become Another Tragic Statistic

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Dog Life JacketsDont Let Your Dog Become Another Tragic Statistic

by Karen McLean

Providing easy visibility and high buoyancy, a dog life jacket or dog life vest is essential for the dog owner who frequents the beach or goes boating with their dog. As a member of your family, your dog deserves the same level of safety and protection as you or your children.

Although dogs instinctually know how to swim, choppy water or fast currents can sometimes prove to be too much for your dog. They tire easily and could quickly be overcome by fatigue even if you think your dog is a strong swimmer.

A dog life jacket can help your dog while swimming normally, too. A dog life vest will hold your dog?s head higher above the water, making it easier to breathe. With a life jacket to help keep your dog afloat you will find he also has more stamina.

Dog life jackets have been found very helpful in therapy for injured dogs. Used for rehab, life jackets make swimming easier and more therapeutic for dogs. Water therapy is also a great way for overweight dogs to lose weight. Working out in deeper water with a dog life jacket is a less stressful way to exercise your dog and helps them to lose those unhealthy pounds.

Never fool yourself into a false sense of security. A dog life jacket should never be a substitute for good safety practices. When swimming or boating, you must always keep a close eye on your dog. Even if you believe your dog is a strong swimmer, never let him out of your sight. Whether your dog falls or jumps in the water, you never know when he might get caught on something and not be able to swim away or get swept up in a current.

There are more than 44 million dog owners in the United States today who own more than 62 million dogs. The odds that a dog will die from drowning are one in 1028. That comes out to more than 60,000 dogs that will drown. That number could be drastically reduced if dog life jackets were utilized.

So go out and enjoy the water with your dog, but be a responsible pet owner and keep your dog safe with a dog life jacket.

Karen McLean is the owner of As a pet owner myself, I am committed to providing pet owners with the most humane, yet effective training aids and pet safety products available. Pet safety is essential for any responsible pet owner. That is why I urge dog owners who enjoy sharing their love of water with their dogs to use Dog Life Jackets.

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