Dog Obedience Equipment Keep It Simple

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Dog Obedience Equipment Keep It Simple

by Ira Nelson

Ok? So you have a new dog or puppy and you bought a dog bed, food and water bowls, toys and chews, maybe a crate or kennel, a bag of dog or puppy chow, some grooming and health supplies, some more toys and chews?. you get the idea. Sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we overdo it a bit, but only because we want to provide the best for our new companion. This is not necessarily a failing, but there is something you don?t want to forget.

In addition to the dog supplies and products above, another area to consider of utmost importance to the well being of your pet is the dog obedience equipment you will need to help in his development into a trusted and well behaved member of the family.

You may be inclined to go out and buy all the latest and greatest tools that are available without considering what exactly you will be training your dog to do. After all, a complete agility training set-up with ladders, tight rope, and trampoline might not be necessary if you just want your dog to sit and stay on command.

Eventually you may want to add to your dog obedience equipment as your needs or your dog?s needs require it, but to start with you may want to decide to teach your dog simple obedience commands and appropriate household behaviors. These may include come, sit, sit and stay, down, down and stay, stand and stay, walk or ?heel? and so forth. Beyond a good collar and leash and maybe some small treats used as a reward for positive reinforcement of the proper response, you may not need much else at first.

Of course, if your dog has entrenched problem behaviors such as inappropriate barking, destructive chewing or digging etc. specific types of dog behavior equipment may be required.

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