Dog Obedience School The Most Well Behaved Dog In The Neighborhood

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Dog Obedience School The Most Well Behaved Dog In The Neighborhood

by Heather Armbruster

Educating not only your dog or puppy, but also the owner is important to avoid behavioral problems, starting as early as possible with consistent and fair instruction should help divert behavioral issues. Dog obedience school classes are based around teaching many of the basics, including puppy agility, introduction of buckle collar, leash and harness, walking at your side without pulling, sit and down positions, short stays, how to pay attention, and also fun ways to teach a puppy to come when called. Dog obedience schools will counsel you, the owner, on how canines learn, housebreaking, nipping and biting, unwanted barking, and other canine etiquette.

When considering a puppy class there are options for private lessons. Deciding what lessons to be involved in should depend upon the way your puppy learns, and also how he interacts with other puppies. Some puppies work better in a private setting, so when planning to train your puppy, be sure to consider the options. Many dog obedience schools will offer different options to fit your individual needs.

Also, there may be advanced lessons for when puppies have completed the first training, for continuing education. Most advanced classes are tailor made for each class, being based on accelerated learning, lessons are built on the abilities of each individual team. Being involved in the training of your puppy, it would be best to look into continuing the puppy?s education. When looking into and considering where to train your puppy, be sure to look at this as an option.

Keep in mind that dog obedience school is not only a responsibility for the puppy or dog, but it is for you as well. The progression of your puppy will depend a lot on you, how much you are working with them outside of the class, how consistent you are, and the level of dedication you have. There are varying levels of certification that you and your puppy can work towards, these programs take hard work and determination, but in the long run are beneficial.

Teaching dogs in an environment based on positive reinforcement has been scientifically proven to help accelerate the learning process. Dogs understand and thrive when there is consistency and structure in their lives, which is something that is encouraged here at many schools. Being taught in a mindful, respectful manner while keeping in mind individual needs is one thing that should be encouraged. When it is understood what we are looking for, many dogs are eager to please us, but first it has to be clear what our expectations are. Teachers should promote trusting, respectful relationships between human and canine, and should be eager to answer any questions or concerns at any time. Raising a puppy in a healthy environment and developing a strong relationship with your puppy is important, and is the basis of a lifetime commitment that you are building. Receiving and utilizing a good education for you and your dog in the right environment can help your dog be the happiest dog in the neighborhood.

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Birmingham Dog Obedience School has an outstanding reputation for understanding people and their pets. 98% of our incoming students are referred by veterinarians and former students. Many people return with second and third pets. The classes are fun and rewarding for both two-legged and four-legged students! We teach in a mindful, respectful manner?not abusive and reactive--keeping in mind individual needs.

We Offer the following Instructional Opportunities

  • Puppy Classes
  • Advanced Sessions
  • Basic Training
  • Counseling for Unwanted Behaviors
  • In-Home Private Lessons

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