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Dog Obedience Tip

by Ivan Johnson

During training, it is unavoidable that dogs will lose focus and try to divert to other things like playing or simply not to pay attention to what you are saying. These signs could be due to the fact that your dog is lacking the time to play because all you did was to train all day! In order to make your dog follow your orders, there are a lot of dog obedience tip that you could apply so that whenever you starts to train, your dog will have its full attention towards training.

Within the day, it is important to allocate several hours of playtime. Even dogs would not want to train all day. They wanted to have fun sometimes, too. If you notices that your dog stopped paying attention check how many hours has it been when you started training. It could be that you have been training for a long time already and your dog wanted to have some rest. A lot of dog obedience tip circulating in the Internet recommends giving ample playtime time.

Another dog obedience tip that you could apply during dog training is to make training fun! This means that you need to incorporate games during your training but do not lose focus on the main goal. This way, your dog will have so much fun; your dog will hardly notice that you are conducting regular training sessions.

The last dog obedience tip but the most important one, is to show respect towards your dog. It would be very difficult to make your dog follow your orders or to even play with you if they did not sense that you respect them. The saying that ?respect begets respect? is not only applicable to human to human relationship but to human and animals as well.

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