Dog Obedience Training Methods

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Dog Obedience Training Methods

by Grant Marwick

Owning a dog can be a big responsibility and it?s a friendship that is going to last many years so it?s important that your dog is an obedient one. The responsibility of owing a dog doesn't just lie with the prevention and remedy of any bad habits but also in the upbringing, nutrition and healthcare of your pet.

There are several types of training available that can be used on a new puppy in order to instill obedience from a young age. Some people will use what is most effective or a combination to get to their end goal.

Dog Whispering:
I am sure you have heard of horse whisperers, well this is the same kind of thing whereby the owner will 'talk' to the dog in a way that he/she understands. This is a relatively new kind of treatment that is growing in popularity around the world. Many people want to understand how their dog thinks by reading their body language.

Collar Training:
This is a very effective method to train your dog. Obedience can sometimes be a bit tricky when you dealing with a dominant or stubborn dog. Big dogs usually respond to this method much better. This method is not recommended on smaller dogs as it can cause injury if you are too aggressive. Bearing this in mind it is important to note that your aim is not to cause pain but to get your dogs attention.

One of the key points when using this method is that you use a good fitting collar as a badly fitted collar can cause unnecessary chaffing and will obviously be uncomfortable for the dog. When using a collar the commands should be gentle in nature and not consist of jerk movements. Make sure you know how to use a collar before embarking on this type of training.

Reward Training:
This is by far the most popular type of training for the simple reason that it really works. This all revolves around Pavlov?s theory whereby you reward your dog by giving them a treat when he or she does something that you have requested. The dog will associate this treat every time it does something you have asked it to. The consistency in this type of training creates a very obedient dog.

Ultra Whistle Training:
Due to a dog?s sense of hearing means that he/ she can hear sounds that are inaudible to humans, which brings about the ultrasonic whistle. This is a device that is used by many professionals and novice dog trainers.

This sound does not harm the dog in anyway and is only used to get the dogs attention from a distance. This method is used extensively on farms where it is used with the Border collie breed of dog in herding sheep and cattle.

Electric Collar Training:
This is by far the least popular and least recommended method of dog obedience training. This method as the heading says, is an electric collar that administers a small shock by way have a hand held device which the handler has control over. The intensity of the shock can be adjusted but the minimum setting is recommended.

Although the method can be effective it can also be painful for the dog. Those using this method need proper training before embarking on using this method of dog obedience training.

These training methods are not exhaustive and are only part of the training that is required to raise an obedient dog. For more information please visit our website.

Grant Marwick is a freelance writer and owner of that provides advice and information on obedience training for dogs

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