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Dog Obedience Training

by David Lambert

You should train your dog to behave around family, strangers and other animals.

Dogs that are about 6 weeks to 5 months old should attend Puppy Preschool Classes. They last for less than 7 weeks and teach your puppy how to sit down, come, stay at a place, and how to socialize with people and other puppies.Well-socialized puppies are less likely to develop undesirable behaviors as they get older, and have better chances of being a calm and fun companion for you and your family.

When your dog is at least 5 months old you should sign-up a course known as Basic Dog Training, which lasts usually less than 10 weeks.This is the dog training course where your puppy is taught the basics, such as walking properly on a leash, staying, sitting, heeling, coming. This class also teaches you how to effectively communicate with your dog using commands such as "sit," "down," "stay," "wait," "leave-it," "come" and more.

There is also a third type of dog training course, the so called intermediate dog training. This course should be taken by all dogs who need to be trained to stay for a longer period of time and follow the orders given by other people.Intermediate courses teach dogs to heel, walk proper on a leash, fetch and return, and also go over the basics of dog training in more detail.

The intermediate dog training usually lasts less than 10 weeks, it's meant for dogs that are more than 5 months old and have completed the basic training course, dogs accustomed and educated to the basics commands.

The most advanced dog obedience training class is the so called advanced dog training course, which also lasts less than 10 weeks and is meant for dogs that have successfully completed the intermediate training.

This is quite similar to the intermediate dog training course, but it's far more detailed, in fact the dog is taught how to sit even without the owner in the view, how to walk beside his owner without the leash, how to follow commands with hand signals and stay beside you at all times.It also teaches your dog to pay attention to you and to avoid distractions.

This course is important because it prepares your puppy to take and complete the Canine Good Citizen training course, which is the last and most difficult dog training class, meant just for dogs who have completed both the basic,intermediate, advanced courses.

The CGC test is quite hard and challenging, don't expect to pass it if the dog obedience is not trained enough;this course may last for several weeks, it just depends on whether your dog can pass.

Keeping this information in mind, you should be able to choose the best dog training course for your dog, or learn yourself dog training buying informative books.

Be sure that you pick a dog obedience training course/book supporting positive dog training techniques, don't use any negative training techniques like hitting or yelling.

I hope you are now a step closer to apply obedience training to your puppy!

David Lambert is a dog lover, positive dog training enthusiast and creator of

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