Dog Obsessive Behavior Barking Dog and Dog Whining

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Dog Obsessive Behavior Barking Dog and Dog Whining

by Rena Murray

Cannot stop dog from barking? Perhaps you have tried every approach in the book prescribed to stop dog barking. Still, your Bonnie will NOT be quiet! On and on ? You are truly worried that she may actually pass out. You have even considered having her debarked ? but it seems so cruel.

Bonnie barks hysterically and adds high pitched dog whining that is almost too much for human ears to bear. She does this at everything! ? at people walking by, whether the blinds are open or not, at the rustle of leaves outside, any sound outside, dogs going by ?. Why, she even barks at the slightest noise INSIDE the house. You cannot even talk on the telephone. She hates the ringing, the microwave sets her off, the toaster, the vacuum, the hair dryer. Scream!

You have tried shouting at her. That does not work. You have tried locking her in a room. Does not work. You have tried taking away privileges. Does not work. You have tried the sweet approach: "Thanks, Bonnie. Hush now." Does not work. Is Bonnie's throat sore? You are not sure if it is sore, but your ears sure are!

Is Bonnie bonkers? The good news is no. But she is driving her owners and the neighborhood nuts. How embarrassing to be the neighbor dog barking problem! Even worse, the neighbors are up in arms about the racket Bonnie makes, even to the point of readiness to file a lawsuit. You don't want to get rid of Bonnie, but you cannot afford a lawsuit, either.

Now, you know right away that a medication is not likely in most cases to help a dog like Bonnie. You know that would almost certainly change her temperament and make her a bit nasty. Not a solution.

What to do? Bonnie will need a good thirty minute run at a heel with you on a bike (or rollerblade, etc., unless you are a real runner). This will challenge her and drain her energy quickly.

Feed Bonnie and give her fresh water after the run. She needs to feel that she has worked for her food. Be sure to let her cool off for at least ten-to-fifteen minutes before she is given any sustenance. Be sure to excersie her twice a day.

Since Bonnie seems to bark at EVERYTHING, address and conquer one thing at a time. Claim the phone by standing in front of it while keeping eye contact with Bonnie. Keep your head and shoulders up with confidence. Have your feet about halfway between a military "at ease" and "Atten-hut!"

Do this with all the items at which Bonnie barks. Giver her a firm "bite," a touch with two fingers on the neck, if she does not surrender the object (sit or lie down and look away). Say "Hey" firmly (no shouting) and point at her if she does not sit down in surrender. Stop what you are doing and address it right then and there.

Keep it up and Bonnie will be quiet. No more barking dog! Ahhhhhh.......

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