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Dog Obsessive Behavior Digging Dog

by Rena Murray

Obsessive compulsive dog behavior such as chasing tail, digging dog, and barking dog can drive you to distraction, but the dangers to your dog are ever deeper than that. What at first might appear to be dog instinctive behavior by your pup could grow into much more if it becomes a "filler" of his time and energy, a preoccupation, a frequent distraction ? then a habit ? then obsession. It does not have to be that way, as I will explain.

Oh, NO!

Your garden is a mess. Your beautiful, prize-winning garden into which put a lot of back breaking work, irreplaceable time, and loving care? You have tried in vain to fill in the holes, but Patch just keeps digging again and again and again ?. It is too much. Regardless of how hard you try, you cannot patch up what Patch has done!

You look with heartbreak at the digging disaster, but you have not yet seen Patch. Then you do ? Patch is one sight to see! Nothing but mud from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. You sigh, wash Patch, and bring him inside. Outside, he would just go right back to digging.

The problem in this all-too-common example is that the poor dog is bored out of his brain. Finding some avenue for release, he is compensating for his lack of mental challenge by pouring himself into this activity which he has created on his own. If dogs are not given a mental challenge, they WILL create one!

Further, Patch has not been corrected in a form he understands or takes seriously. So, as far as he is concerned, no one really has a problem with what he is doing. A little yelling, well, big deal to a compulsive dog. That's a minor annoyance in the scheme of things, of diving into his compulsion then going inside with the family.

If Patch is of a herding breed or hunting breed of dog, then take him to a class for this twice a week. You must work with his dog instinctive behavior, as you cannot destroy it. Instinct will take over if you do not work with it. So develop and use his innate skill to give him a source of pride, a mental challenge, a job. Make the time every day, rain or shine, for a good 45 minute walk with him morning and evening, or a combination of walk and run. Get a treadmill for the rainy days if you want to. If you cannot give him what he needs, find someone who will.

Remember to challenge Patch's mind. Have him stay at a heel, focused on you, during a walk or run. His challenge is, despite distractions, to stay fully focused on you.

Dog obsessive behavior does sometimes occur, but it does not have to stay forever. You do not have to have a digging dog. If you suspect a chemical or biological problem, consult an expert in both traditional and natural veterinary medicine or do the research yourself, but do not ignore it. Usually, though it is a matter of sheer boredom. For Patch's sake and yours, do what is needed for him. Your flowers would clap their leaves together if they could!

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