Dog Obsessive Behavior Dog Obsessive Licking and Dog Chewing Problem

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Dog Obsessive Behavior Dog Obsessive Licking and Dog Chewing Problem

by Rena Murray

A dog licking himself or dog chewing self can intensify into serious dog obsessive behavior and lead to grievous health problems and great vexation, as seen in this example of a dog named Blake.

Blake's back is raw and bleeding. His legs, rear and almost any area on his body that his mouth can reach are all bleeding. Blake is crying painfully because of what he is doing to himself. The worse it gets, the more he seems driven to do it. Constantly?

You have tried giving him extra attention, and have even rearranged your schedule to be with him more. You have scolded Blake, and have tried to plead with him or bribe him with whatever he wants if he will only stop being a dog chewing self and engaging in dog obsessive licking. But Blake's problems only seem to be getting worse.

Now you are on your knees scrubbing the carpet daily to keep the stain of Blake's blood from setting in. You have taken Blake to the veterinarian, and he cannot find any medical reason for Blake's obsession. He has run several tests, but no conclusions can be found.

So, what do we do with Blake? First, recognize that Blake has three problems, all expressed in the same way. He is nervous, bored, and frustrated.

Blake could be nervous for a number of reasons. Maybe there is something going on between one of the neighborhood dogs and Blake. Perhaps Blake feels threatened. Dogs send each other messages, many of which are undetected by humans. Those negative messages can haunt a dog and lead to nervous licking and chewing. It's the doggie version of a child's nightmare about the Boogey Man. This is especially prevalent in situations such as a next door dog to whom Blake has constant exposure. The solution to this problem is spelled out clearly, step-by-step, in other articles but boils down to this: creating a pack between the two dogs.

As for boredom, Blake may have pent-up energy and lack of sufficient mental challenge. He may not be receiving a good, disciplined, focused walk each day, such as forty-five minutes on a heel. For some high energy dog breeds, one walk or run is not enough, and Blake simply might be one of them. He needs an outlet, so he makes one for himself. He has discovered a release in dogs constant licking and dog chewing self which brings a measure of satisfaction.

Blake's frustration at not getting what he really needs (e.g., mental and physical challenge) is exacerbated by the frustration you cause him. You cannot fool Blake. He knows that you do not recognize what is wrong with him. All you see are the symptoms. Blake is completely aware that you do not have any idea how to help him.

Of course, the syndrome of obsessive dog chewing self may be induced by a medical problem such as mange or allergies. Always be sure the problem is not medically related, or if it is, take remedial action. Consult a veterinarian who has a balance of both traditional and holistic veterinary medicine, or do the research yourself, but find the right treatment for Blake.

Take heart. There are ways to stop dogs from chewing and to stop dogs constant licking. It all begins with correct diagnosis of the causes, as outlined above, then addressing each issue specifically. Still having dog obsessive behavior problems after great effort to solve this? Contact an expert dog behaviorist. Neither you nor Blake has to suffer.

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