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Dog Parasitic Medication Dog Flea Medicine

by John Hinkley

A very big concern with owning a dog, especially a large one, is having one infested with fleas, ticks, or other parasitic hosts.? They cause a large variety of health issues and problems with your canine companion. These hosts are often tough to get rid of.? Once infested, these parasitic creatures can often spawn hundreds of new eggs a day. With the correct dog flea medicine and prevention methods, these harmful little creatures can be eradicated and stunted from spreading forever.

Comprehending the Flea's Life Cycle Before you start your treatment of flea medicine, its best to understand how these little beasts live.? There are four life cycles of a flea: egg, larva, pupa and adult flea.? Fleas locate a host, like your dog or any other animal, and feed upon their blood, therefore being able to produce eggs.? Once these eggs have been laid, they will fall from the pet and hatch wherever they tend to land. These places consist of your carpet, dog bedding, couch, clothes, or wherever your dog tends to relax. They hatch as larvae and later transform into pupae and finally adult fleas where they once again find a food source such as your dog.? With suitable dog flea and tick medicine, it is evident that the fleas life cycle will come to a hault , therefore ending any further spread of eggs throughout your home.

Different Categories of Dog Flea Medicine Not all dog flea medications are created equal nor do they handle your problem in the same manner. Some flea medications destroy egg larvae or adult fleas while others will disrupt their entire life cycle.? Not all dog flea medications are dispensed in the same manner.? There are oral pills versus a liquid medicine that is applied topically.? Regardless of the flea medication, you need to choose which one will best apply to the situation you have at hand or you may find yourself using all of them.? As you may be able to notice by now, prevention is the easiest and most effective tool you can use to avoid any flea problem.? There are several types of dog flea medications you can select from, we recommend a company called Petcraze .

How to use Flea Medication Accurately Posted below are some great tips and hints as to how to administer the proper flea medicine correctly:

  • Remember that some flea medications kill the flea while others work to interrupt the life cycle. Use whichever one works best for your situation or use both when in doubt.

  • Start prevention treatments early, as to stop the fleas from spreading. The earlier you start the easier it will be to eliminate or stop an infestation.

  • Buy a flea collar that will prevent eggs from hatching.

  • If you find that your dog is scratching herself profusely, take action now before the situation gets out of control.

  • Consider a liquid medicine if your dog has trouble with oral medications. You can mix this in their water if necessary.

  • Vacuum areas where your pet rests regularly and discard the bag or vacuum some flea powder into the bag immediately.

  • Consult your vet if you have concerns or questions regarding details of this infestation.

  • Follow instructions properly. Seems very simple, but many people seem to skip a few steps as they may consider them unimportant. Do not fall victim to this mistake.

Fleas can be a nuisance and ultimately a health risk for you and your canine companion, but with the proper dog flea medicination treatment, you can dismiss this pest from your home for good.

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