Dog Potty Training Made Easy

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Dog Potty Training Made Easy

by Mylar Skye

When dog potty training there are a few tips that can help you reach success easier. Take into consideration what your dog is eating. If your dog eats food with lots of sugar or fiber you will find that this produces more defecation than normal. This is a sure way to fail at potty training your dog. Make sure your dog has a healthy meal without filling your pet with treats in-between meals.

Now that you've found the healthiest food for your dog, you'll want to stick to a regular feeding routine. A strict schedule when dog potty training will help your dog become regular at defecation. Get in the habit of a morning routine of taking the dog outside as soon as you awake. Once inside, feed the dog for about 30 minutes before removing any leftover food. A small dish of water should be offered with the food. Often dogs will over drink, causing house accidents, which is unnecessary.

Once you have a regular routine in place, you will notice that your dog has regular bowel movements. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes after eating its meal, you will notice the dog is ready to defecate. Be sure to take the dog outside at a regular time and you'll soon have a potty trained dog. Now that you have the dog on a potty schedule, you can designate a specific spot where you'd like your dog to defecate. While dog potty training, take your dog on a leash outside to a specific spot each time and give them praise. Soon your dog will fall right into its own routine and you'll find that you have a dog well trained.

If your dog still will not defecate when you take them outside and give them a command such as, "Go potty!", then return with the dog inside for a few minutes. Don't play with the dog or distract him by getting him excited. Try waiting about 15 minutes and take him outside again. Consistency will pay off and soon you will have succeeded at dog potty training.

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