Dog Ramp Or Not To Dog Ramp That Is The Question

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Dog Ramp Or Not To Dog Ramp That Is The Question

by Matt Kush

...well, I hate to say it but my dog is getting old and I hate to see that. He's been loyal to me and yet, can not make it up the stairs by himself or into the car for that matter. It breaks my heart. Without knowing anything, I ran out to the store and bought some pet stairs, another chew toy, and of course got him a squeaker because he's in so much pain (what a good dog).

The experience I got in the store was less than desireable. I really don't know anything about what to buy for my friend with old age. I didn't even put myself in his position as to what he needs, I was only worried about how many they had on the shelf and took that as a sign of a good product or a terrible one.

To help others out there, and before you pull the trigger...some things you want to keep in mind are as follows:

1) Does it store well?

2) Does your pet need stairs or a ramp?

3) Does your pet travel with you a lot?

4) Do you have couches?

5) Does your pet sleep with you at night?

6) Is the gripping good?

7) Does it have side rails to ensure your pet does not fall off?

8) Is it sturdy?

9) Is it lightweight?

10) Can it fit into a car?

The only one that I found to work in ALL situation and folds up perfectly is a telescoping ramp. A dog telescoping ramp gives you the flexibility of storage, amount of incline, applies to almost every situation, and last but not least, is can be shaped for all occasions. Friends of mine turned me over to which gave me free information about dog products and it's a great help to know there's a resource out there.

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