Dog Repellant Keeps Unwanted Dogs at Bay

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Dog Repellant Keeps Unwanted Dogs at Bay

by Keith Burke

Today you can buy a form of pepper spray dog repellant which has been approved by the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and it is both safe, effective as well as a great way of protecting yourself from attacks by dangerous dogs. Certainly there are plenty of joggers, walkers, cyclists as well as delivery people who carry a dog repellant spray with them wherever they go. In fact these products are continuously being used by US Postal Service Workers and public utility meter readers as they provide them with an effective repellant against unwanted attacks by dogs. In fact in the US thousands of these sprays have been sold to postal workers right across the country.

What is particular good about the dog repellant spray is that it contains about 0.75 fluid ozs of a pepper based solution (same as that used in pepper sprays against humans) and each canister will contain enough to provide approximately 10 one second bursts of the mixture. It is important that if you intend to rely on your spray as a defense then it should be tested on a periodic basis to ensure that it is working correctly. It is quite easy to test it as all you need to do is discharge 1 or 2 bursts of the mixture outside and away from all people and animals, but you should take care to ensure that you do not actually deplete the contents of the unit completely. Because of its special formula (the pepper contained in the mixture is minimal) these sprays can be used quite safely and humanely against any dog that is going to attack you.

If you should happen to be attacked by a dog then you need to point the unit at their nose, mouth and eyes and then spray shorts bursts of the mixture at these areas. This then provides you with an opportunity to distance yourself from the danger. The pepper based compound in the dog repellant spray will cause extreme irritation if it comes into contact with the dogs eyes, nose or mouth and the effects that they feel will occur within a few seconds of it coming into contact. In most cases once a dog has been sprayed with this repellant it will lie on the ground and using its paws attempt to rub the mixture away from its facial area. However, often the pain and irritation that the dog feels often wears off after a few minutes and thus leaving the dog completely unharmed. The great thing about the dog repellant pepper spray is that it can be used from a distance of between 10 and 12 feet so it will really keep you out of harms way.

Each year there are 4.7 million dog bites, 375,000 require a visit to the hospital and 12 result in death. Get additional information on dog repellants and other self defense products at

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