Dog Skin Problem Six Main Reasons Your Dog Cant Stop Scratching

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Dog Skin Problem Six Main Reasons Your Dog Cant Stop Scratching

by Debra Proctor

Your dog skin problem is driving you nuts! Your dog won't stop scratching, gnawing, licking, and biting. However, stop and think for a moment. If his behavior is driving you nuts, how must your poor dog be feeling?

By identifying the reason for your dog’s itching and scratching, you are one step closer to getting relief for him. Here are the six main reasons for your dog skin problem:

  1. Infectious – bacterial, fungal, and yeast are skin and coat pathogens. Fungi cause circular patches of hair loss that usually do not itch. Yeast infections cause greasy, and odor causing sores.
  2. Neurogenic – no medical reason for the dog skin problem. Incessant licking characterizes this dog skin problem which is basically, a nervous habit of licking and chewing. This is often brought on by dogs that arent getting the proper exercise or attention they need and they bite, chew, and lick themselves as a nervous energy outlet.
  3. Allergenic – an allergic reaction to numerous things; food ingredients, synthetic and natural fibers, medications and pharmaceutical products, plant material and even dust. All other causes must be ruled out before this diagnosis is used.
  4. Environmental – itching brought on by what the dog is exposed to in his environment; swimming, digging, romping through fields. If the dog is sensitive to grasses or gets scrapes and cut, the wound often stays moist, bacteria sets in and causes an infection. This is most often referred to as a “hot spot.”
  5. Nutritional – due to imbalanced diet without proper nutrition. This dog skin problem is often caused by the owner feeding the dog an inferior dog food. Just because a brand of dog food states, “Complete and Balanced” doesn’t mean it is a good source of nutrition for your dog. Owners will often opt for cheaper dog food and feel secure that they are feeding their dog a good diet because they fall for false advertising. Remember, false advertising is just as prevalent when it comes to pet products as it is in human products.
  6. Parasitic – fleas, ticks, chiggers, deer flies, and gnats are the most common parasites that cause your dog’s skin problem. Repeated exposure to these parasites can cause sensitivity and eventually infection. Cheyletiella mites, often referred to as “walking dandruff” and Sarcoptic mites which are called scabies or red mange, are much more serious. These mites cause very intense itching and scratching, hair loss and inflamed skin.
Each of these six reasons for your dog’s skin problem needs to be evaluated and considered when deciding how to treat your dog’s itching and scratching. By identifying the source of your dog skin problem, he can be treated and cured. Then, all will be happy – you and your best friend.

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