Dog Stop Barking Why Your Dog is Barking

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Dog Stop Barking Why Your Dog is Barking

by Jon Edings

Dogs Bark That's the plain simple fact of life of owning a dog its just like you or I speaking but there is also the uncontrollable barking that will drive you crazy and you find yourself yelling Dog stop Barking . Why does your dog bark you can rest assured that it is not for the sole purpose of driving you crazy it might seem like that sometimes but it is not. I will tell you about 3 of the dogs barking reasons these are not all Social isolation, frustration and attention seeking. 2. Territorial, protective behavior and 3. Separation anxiety. Social isolation, Frustration and attention seeking is probably the main reason your older dog will bark for long time when he is left by himself.

Territorial and Protective Behavior
This is the kind of barking that is actually nice as long as it is controlled your dog letting you know when someone he does not know is entering his territory and he is letting you know. Protective barking is just as good or better he is not letting anyone close to you unless you tell him it is OK again this is good if your dog is well trained and does not do that to people he should be familiar with.

Social isolation, Frustration and Attention Seeking
Your dog can very well be barking for a long period of time if he is bored, yes bored dogs will get bored very easy and they let the world know they are very vocal when they get bored. If your Dog is left alone for long periods of time without any interaction with you he will bark. His environment if your dogs backyard or wherever you keep him has no toys or other dogs or pets even a friendly cat will keep him occupied and stop him from barking for those long periods of time. If he is a active type of dog like a herded and needs to be active but doesn't have anything to do he will bark This is most common with older dogs his way of letting you know he needs to be walked more.

Separation Anxiety
If your dog starts to bark right after you leave or a short time later, does he follow you wherever you go in the house and does not leave your side for any length of time? If he does and he barks and disturbs the neighborhood this is because separation anxiety.

Territorial, Protective Behavior, Social isolation, Frustration, Attention Seeking and Separation Anxiety are the main reasons why your dog may be Barking Uncontrollably. Older dogs are more prone to Social isolation, Frustration, Attention Seeking then puppies are because it is there way of telling you that they need more of your time. Separation Anxiety is where puppies are more prone to bark a lot.

The author is a dog lover who believes that proper training shouldn?t be hard nor expensive but necessary for you to bond with your Dog and enjoy all the benefits that come with having a dog in your household go here for more information on how you can stop yelling Dog Stop Barking

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