Dog Toilet Training

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Dog Toilet Training

by Ivan Johnson

Dog toilet training should begin as soon as your dog is already comfortable and feels at home with you. You must be ready to be observant and patient! When is the time when your dog wants to alleviate himself?

Before going to bed for the night, there are six times your dog should be left outside the toilet for about 30 minutes as part of the dog toilet training procedures.

Right after he wakes up in the morning

Right after a nap during the day

Right after eating meals and snacks

Right after enthusiastic play

Right after you return home from a busy day

Only to see that their dogs relieve themselves as soon as they get back home, there are many owners that would bring their dogs out for a leisure walk. Tour your dog to his toilet area and start the dog toilet training basics in order to escape such condition. Stay where you are. You can stand still with him, enabling your dog to deprive his interest in you. Don?t allow yourself to sit down for this will only inspire the pup to leap on you and eventually neglect what?s your purpose of getting there.

You can express an approval on him if he performs successfully but NEVER EVER rub his nose in any errors. The excellent and simplest training method is to recommend a positive reward when he does the exact thing in the exact place. Remember that a male dog takes longer to do the dog toilet training than a female.

Always bear in mind that your dog is like a child. When he wants to go, he has to go and he really has to go! Maintain his toilet area closely for they can?t journey long distances in order to relieve themselves.

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