Dog Toys The 5 Best Kinds of Dog Toys to Get for Your Dog

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Dog Toys The 5 Best Kinds of Dog Toys to Get for Your Dog

by Jon Leger

It's important that you provide your dog with quality toys while you're away. Especially if your dog is alone for long periods of time, you want to make sure he has toys that will hold his interest.

Failure to provide the right toys can lead to frustration and boredom in your dog. When this happens, he'll start getting into things you don't want him to out of a desire to have something fun to do.

The kind of toys you provide are very important as well. Here are five of the best kinds of toys you can get for any breed of dog.

Problem Solving Toys

Problem solving toys are great not only for keeping your dog occupied, but working his mind as well. One example of this kind of toy is a "find the treat" ball. This ball is filled with small treats, and has to be rolled over just right in order for a treat to fall out.

This kind of treat is great fun for the dog, as well as mentally stimulating.

Rubber Bones

Rubber chews and bones are great toys for large breeds, or dogs who are very aggressive with their toys. These toys are long lasting and strong, and will provide hours of entertainment for most any dog.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are good toys for keeping your dog stimulated, since dogs love to "attack" the toys and hear them squeak. The problem with squeak toys is implied by their name: they squeak! And that can be very annoying for you if you have an indoor dog, so keep that in mind.

Frozen Peanut Butter

Here's a cheap toy that your dog will love and that makes a healthy treat for him. Freeze peanut butter and let him play with that (outside of course). He'll chew on it and love the treat, and it's very inexpensive.

Toy Ropes

Dog ropes are good for your dogs dental health as well as providing hours of mentally stimulating fun for your dog.

In order to prevent your dog from getting bored with his toys, swap them out every couple of days. For example, if your dog has 9 toys that he loves, let him play with three of them for two or three days, then swap them out for three of the others, etc. This will keep him interested and stimulated.

Yes, the toys you choose for your dogs are very important, so make wise decisions with toys that are mentally stimulating, durable and healthy for your "best friend".

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