Dog Training 3 Top Tips for Puppies

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Dog Training 3 Top Tips for Puppies

by Rachel Annarve

Before we brought our Bullmastiff puppy home (at 7 weeks old !) we invested in 3 things and these have become the basis for this article on 3 top tips for dog training.

Tip 1 ; Get a dog crate !

We invested in the extra large crate, as a Bullmastiff isn't exactly a small dog ! In order to make her more comfortable, we sectioned it off to make it smaller. The crate became her safe place where she feels secure. Also It was used as a calm time out spot. Truly, the best investment ever made !

This option is recommended for puppies and adult dog training alike.

Tip 2 ; Invest in a good quality leash with a snap on latch as well as the correct size choke chain or collar for your dog.

As we have a very large dog, and have used them before with success, we bought a choke chain for training.These allow the puppy or adult dog to become familiar with something around their neck, and eventually after corrections, what their owners commands mean.

Tip 3 ; Invest in either puppy classes or an excellent program.

We personally selected the program so that there was more contact with our puppy and could make training sessions shorter. Even before we put the course into practice, it taught us more than was ever expected (and we've raised 2 dogs before...). Puppy classes can be fine for socialisation of your dog, but the training sessions are a little long for optimum training results.

Check out the program that covers all the bases Here;

Remember, these are investments in your dogs life.

Your dog is not just a possession but a lifelong companion. If you train them and take time with training your dog, they will have a long happy life with an owner who loves them.

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Rachel Annarve

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