Dog Training How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On Visitors

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Dog Training How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On Visitors

by Amy Howells

A common problem that many dog owners have is when their dog jumps up on guests when they come to your house. Sometimes your dog may jump at everyone regardless of whether they?re a guest or not. Sometimes a dog may only jump on when a guest arrives.

The second situation is the one I?m going to address today.

The first thing you should do, is put your dog on a leash when someone is going to be coming round. When the door bell rings or someone knocks, tell your dog to sit. If your dog is fully obedient with the sit command, then this may well be enough to stop your dog from jumping up on your guests.

To make this technique more effective, you can ask your friend to bring a food reward (or give your friend a reward to bring round next time they come round). Then when your dog sits obediently on entry of the guest, your friend is to reward your dog with the treat.

By doing this, your dog will learn that he is rewarded when he doesn?t jump up.

You can also use these techniques if your dog jumps up at you when you come home. Bear in mind that it?s a dog?s natural reaction to want to jump up and lick their owners face to greet them when they come home.

However, if you want to stop your dog from doing this, here is what you should do:

The first thing to do is avoid eye contact with your dog and not greet him. When your dog has finished jumping up, command him to sit. If he obeys your command, then you can reward him with praise or a treat.

If he doesn?t? Well you will need to work on training him to sit a little more, until he is more obedient in different situations.

I hope these simple dog training techniques will help you to have a better behaved dog. It will take patience and persistence for these techniques to take hold, but I assure you that it will have all been worth it when you have a fully trained and obedient dog.

Amy Howells is owner of the Dog Owner Blog, where she gives free information and lessons on how to train your dog, including dog potty training. If you would like more step by step techniques on every aspect of training your dog, be sure to visit her blog right now.

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