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Dog Training Personal VS Professional

by Emma Everson

It is always better to opt to train your dog personally, though there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional dog trainer to handle the task. Here are some strategies to get you started on the right path. Body and Hand control can be of great value to use body and hand movements as signals, but you must be conscious of their useful application.

You can later minimise these signals or cut them out when no longer needed. A lot of repetitions and praising your dog each time he does it right will reap results. Use of Food as Reward should never be used in place of other forms of reward or encouragement, but rather to back up or reinforce encouragement and praise.

A dog is used to being allowed outside when he whines at the door, but is suddenly no longer allowed out when he whines. Dog training can be quite a challenge, but if you follow the tips here, the task will be much easier. If he does something you like and you know he loves a belly rub, then fuss over him while you rub his belly, telling him that good dogs get their bellies rubbed.

?positive?, ?negative?, ?reinforcement? and ?punishment? are technical terms that scientists use when discussing Operant Conditioning.

?Positive? means to add something. We add the reward, or add the punishment. By contrast, ?Negative? means to take something away. We take away the reward, or take away the unpleasant stimulus.

?Reinforcement? is when we increase or maintain behavior. The behavior happens more often, more intensely, for longer periods, or it continues to happen without reducing in frequency, intensity or duration. By contrast, ?Punishment? is when we decrease or eliminate behavior using consequence. We reduce the frequency, intensity or duration of the behavior.

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