Dog Training Tips For Consistency

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Dog Training Tips For Consistency

by Michael Russell

So, Santa brought a puppy for Christmas. As the holiday season winds to a close, it is time to start seriously considering dog training for that little, lovable bundle of fur. Without proper dog training, your lives are about to take a turn for the worse.

There are a few things you need to understand about dog training. Training your new puppy is going to take time, effort and lots of energy. Training a dog is not easy! It takes commitment. Just visit your local dog shelter to see how lacking that level of commitment is in today's society. Many of the dogs who end up at the shelter have "behavioral problems" that are simply due to a lack of proper training.

Remember, when you decided to buy that puppy, you took on a responsibility. Yes, pets are fun, but above all, owning a dog is a responsibility, even if you bought the dog for your kids. You, as the adult in your home, are ultimately responsible for the well being of that dog. And proper dog training ensures a proper emotional and physical well being!

The fist step to dog training is patience. Your dog does not think like you do. You have to teach him what you expect him to do. Consistency goes hand in hand with patience. If you tell your dog to do something, follow through and make sure he does it.

Yelling is never a good dog training technique. Dogs have excellent hearing and yelling only works to heighten any strained energy in the situation. You need to speak in a clear, concise manner, but yelling will not help you.

Make it easy for your dog to do what you want him to do and difficult for him to do what you do not want him to do. For example, if you want him to drink from his water dish, but not from the toilet, keep the toilet lid closed and the water dish in plain site. This seems obvious, but owners often overlook it.

You must ensure that your dog gets daily exercise. This means you need to walk or play with your dog, every single day. This teaches your dog that you are fun and also that he needs to always obey you. Remember, the more time you spend with your dog in a leadership role, the more quickly your dog will realize that he is not the boss of your home.

Remember that dogs read body language faster than they read vocal language. In dog training, have a hand signal that shows your dog what to do, or shows your displeasure. Do not hit your dog, but use your body and hands to insist upon obedience. For example, a firm hold on your dog is a good training technique. It shows your dog that you are the dominant one in the home.

If you need help with dog training, get it! Remember, it is your responsibility and there are classes all over the country to help you train your dog to be the fun, loving companion you have always wanted in your home!

Michael Russell

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