Dog Training And Obedience Tips

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Dog Training And Obedience Tips

by Michael Woodham

Many people have trouble with their dogs. Theses problems can be anything from your dog running away to your dog sitting on a couch. Also some dog owners cannot stop dogs from barking.

One way to get your dog to to stop jumping on a couch or chair or to keep your dog out of a room in your house, try this method.

Fill plastic milk bottles with something not too heavy and every time your dog goes near a couch or something you don't want it to be close to, lob the bottle near it or at it. Don't let the dog notice it was you and don't touch or pick up the bottles in its presence.

If you do this a few times the dog will think that every time its goes near the couch this will happen. The dog will not like it and will most likely stop This also makes sure you are not yelling at the dog which is giving it attention it was probably seeking in the first place. Yelling at your dog may not help because dogs cannot tell what it means. All the dog thinks is that it is getting attention.

Hope this helps

I have made a website which provides more tips to dog training and also links to other great sites on dog obedience training including one of the best dog training programmes available today.

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Michael Woodham
nz resident
golden labrador owner

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