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Dog Training Book

by Jay Edwards

At one time it was considered that the only way forward for you to train your dog properly was through a dog training book! Now don`t get me wrong there is an endless source of good free advise in these books that you can put to really good use , but the trouble with book`s is like most thing`s in life they become stale and are not able to move with the time`s .

I`ve read some good dog training book`s in my time they have good tip`s and little common sense dog training method`s that some dog trainer`s use ! However like most other topic`s and infomation every ounce of knowledge has evolved to the internet where there is access to a vast array of website`s that cover absolutely every issue, this resource is better than any dog training book!

However I`ve searched site after site for different element`s on dog training where as i`d find one site good for one aspect and another in other area`s. It wasn`t until i came across one site that just simply seem to cover far beyond my expectation`s there was so many techniques and method`s by this dog trainer i thought to myself what make`s this particular dog trainer stand above the vast sea of other dog trainer`s ?

So I delved deeper and deeper to learn that this young lady just happen to have a C.V and other credential`s that just simply comfirm why she`s the best at her game by far, she`s a young Hollywood dog trainer called Dove Cresswell and i was so much in awe with her i created a site reviewing her tutoring school if you want to visit my review on Dove please feel free to visit at http://dog--training--book to read more about her.

I found her method`s and techniques far more refreshing and rewarding than any dog training book i`ve ever read and reviewed before and i can truly say i have seen a significant change in my dog after using just afew of these method`s . Because Dove`s learning all the time you benefit from learning more as her site can update at any time unlike a dog training book and this is what purely made me review Dove Cresswell Dog trainer taking dog training to a new level!

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