Dog Training Can Solve Many Problems For You and Your Dog

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Dog Training Can Solve Many Problems For You and Your Dog

by Mike Long

Dog training in the form of basic obedience is the foundation of problem solving for your dog. In order for your dog to have a safe, happy, and productive life he must first learn to sit, stay, and come when he is called. Dog training will help him learn to refrain from bad habits such as incessant barking, biting, chewing, fighting, and using the bathroom indoors.

The two most common misconceptions about dog training are the dominance issue and the dog?s age. It is not necessary for you to be the ?alpha dog? in order to teach basic cooperation and respect. This is done through kindness and support rather than through fear.

The other great dog training misconception is the old adage, ?You can?t teach old dog new tricks.? That is simply not true. Dogs of any age can and will learn when the teacher approaches the teaching in the appropriate manner.

Where can I go to find a good dog training program?

A good place to start your dog training program is through a local obedience school. You and your dog can become educated on the basics together at school but do most of your practicing at home. After the basic safety commands, come and stay, are learned; the training can move to places such as the park, or the car. Don?t forget, you must be sure your dog will obey your commands everywhere, not just at home.

Keep the lessons short and positive. Try to incorporate the dog training in all you and your dog?s daily activities. For example if your dog follows you into the kitchen to watch you make breakfast ask him to sit while you cook. While he?s sitting tell him what a good dog he is and when you are finished give him a treat.

Training should become your dog?s favorite activity. The key is praise. If you reprimand your dog when he does something bad and forget to praise him for behaving throughout the day he will only concentrate only on the negative aspects of training and miss out on all the fun.

Dog training can be both simple and fun if done correctly and consistently. The three steps are catching the dog in a questionable act, reprimand positively and redirect his energy into an acceptable activity. Don?t nag your dog and never spank him. Above all, praise him all the time. When he lying on the floor minding his own business tell him what a good dog he is. If you follow these simple instructions you and your dog will get along smashingly.

Mike Long runs a dog training website that focuses on educating people about the different ways of training your dog or puppy. If you would like to learn more, including additional articles, and training tips, tricks, and ideas, check out his site at

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