Dog Training Collar Features

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Dog Training Collar Features

by Ben Magtanggol

There are many different types of dog collars available in the market to suit different function, needs and all kinds of dog activities. Sometimes, it is so hard to pick the right training collar as more breed of dogs are now domesticated and it is very important to consider these important features before buying a remote electronic dog training collar.

Multiple Stimulation Levels

Remote hand-held transmitter must have the flexibility to match the stimulation level to your dog?s temperament. Stimulation intensity level must also be appropriate to the size of your dog. Larger dogs need a high stimulation to follow and obey your commands while a small collar, your dog may not respond from the radio frequency if the stimulation is too weak. Most electronic training collar now clearly indicates what size of dog the training collar is intended for.

There are 2 forms of stimulation available on the market today. First is the continuous stimulation, this method of correction delivers an electronic stimulation to the dog as long as the button is pressed from the hand-held remote transmitter. The second form is the momentary stimulation or sometimes called ?nick?. The dog will only receive a short electronic stimulation within seconds. Auto shutoff features are also available on some remote transmitter.


Generally speaking, the more range the better. Effective range of an electronic collar can vary according to terrain, environmental and line of sight conditions. If you are training your dog in the field, it is recommended to have a long range training collar so the transmitter can still produce a reliable strong signal when if its needed. However, if you are only doing basic yard work obedience training, the 150 to 300 yard range is more than enough.

Handheld Transmitter Design

The transmitter should be small enough to carry in your pocket. Manufacturers make transmitters that small and lightweight. However, dog trainers have their own personal preferences but the main feature to be considered is the resistance. Some handheld transmitters are waterproof, water resistant, and rugged punishment tested.

Integrated Collar Design

Remote electronic dog collar should have intelligent engineering with internal antenna to avoid being caught up from the dog?s body. And of course, waterproof collars are highly recommended if you intend to train your dog in our around the water.

Manufacturer & Retailers

Manufucturers that proven to be in the business with excellent product support. I recommend 2 of finest manufacturers (Innotek and Pet Safe). While Pet Street Mall, the fastest growing internet site with a variety of available pet products has been online since 2001 got my recommendation. Other notables are Innotek Direct, Mutt Mart, KCKaylas Pet Supplies and America Outdoor.

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