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Dog Training Command

by Trevor Somerville

Dog training command is a significant adjunct to maintain dogs as pets. Larger dogs most importantly must be submissive, or else taking care of them becomes a problem. Here are some of the commands your dog should react to:

Come: This is a crucial command. He is not an obedient dog if he won't come when called. It begins by permitting your dog to roam out on a long leash and then simply calls his name by using the command ?come?.

Sit: It is also a crucial dog training command. Sitting dogs are beyond the owner?s direct domination. Using a treat placed in surface of the dog's nose and forcing the dog to sit by passing back the treat over its head, is one way of teaching your dog.

Stay: This will give you a peace of mind. You can park your dog while performing other jobs. Training includes putting the dog in a down or a sit position, then commanding him to ?stay? while moving away.

Down or Lie down: This dog training command enables even larger control compared to sitting. One method for training is to use a treat pulled forward and down towards the dog's face, bringing him to lie down.

Get in or Go to bed: This is to command your dog to go inside its crate or to its bed and to stay there until he is allowed to. He has the liberty to move such as turn around, to stand and lie down in that place not like when he is under a ?stay? command.

Drop: Dogs steals all sorts of things everyday. A dog under the direct control of the owner is a dog that drops anything no matter how attractive it is, whenever you command. This will avoid from damaging worthy properties or eating unsafe items.

Free, Okay or Release: This dog training command will free your dog from Sit, Stay, Heel, and etc.

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