Dog Training Commands How to Successfully Train Your Dog to Do Certain Commands

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Dog Training Commands How to Successfully Train Your Dog to Do Certain Commands

by Gerry Restrivera

Although dogs are regarded as man?s best friend, the truth still exists that dog needs training to adapt to humans. Dog training commands is necessary for every dog owners to train their dogs to follow simple to complex commands.

Here are some tips to effectively render dog training commands:

  • Get your dog?s attention; you cannot render dog training commands effectively if you cannot catch your dogs? attention. No matter how hard you tried if you cannot engage your dog?s attention it would be useless. A slight rubbing on its fur or nape will do the trick.
  • Get acquainted and know your dog. Dogs like humans have different learning curves. Observe your dog for a few days before starting dog training commands. This will give you hints on the habits that your dog has and how to take advantage of those habits to help you train your dog with ease.
  • Consistency. Learn how to be consistent with the dog training commands you are about to render. Tone of voice, body movements must be considered when giving dog training commands.
  • Acknowledge good behaviors. Use reinforcements to acknowledge good behavior. Affirmations and simple praises are enough encouragement for your dog to follow your instructions and to let your dog know that he is doing a good job.
  • Test your dog. After your dog performed a certain task consistently, use distractions to test if your dog will still follow your instructions.

Dog training commands is one way for you and your dog to communicate effectively. If you succeeded on training your dog, you will indeed win yourself a canine best friend that you and your family can enjoy.

In the event that you have not succeeded in providing an effective dog training commands due to dog behavior problems, do not lose hope because there are experts who can help you to effectively train your dog.

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